# Tornado Fund Units and New Members

# Will Tornado Fund Units be transferrable?

With limited exception, as detailed in the operating agreement, members cannot transfer Tornado Fund Units or Tokens, if created, unless otherwise agreed to by the members, by majority vote.

# If a member "rage quits" and leaves Tornado Fund can new members join?

Members by a majority vote can accept new capital commitments from new joining members and admit them into Tornado Fund. Any new member (or, if applicable, group of members) must provide the same initial contribution as an exiting member.

# Can a member be forced out of Tornado Fund?

Members of Tornado Fund may be required to leave if members of Tornado Fund vote to remove the respective member. The service provider cannot remove any Tornado Fund member unless otherwise authorized by a vote by a majority of the members.

Last updated: 6/15/2020, 5:34:10 PM