# Voting Rights

# How are voting rights determined?

Voting rights will be based on the total number of Tornado Fund Units that each member holds for any relevant vote posed to members.

# How do members vote?

Members will be prompted to vote via Tornado Fund DApp (or, over time, other online services) at various points during the lifecycle of Tornado Fund, including to make investments, provide grants, or weigh-in on the structure and form of Tornado Fund, and/or other strategic decisions related to Tornado Fund.

Voting will be facilitated by blockchain-based smart contracts and all voting records will be searchable via the DApp and recorded to the Ethereum blockchain.

# Can a member transfer its voting rights for purposes of making investment decisions?

Members are not required to vote on all matters. At any point in time, a member can transfer or "delegate" the member's right to vote on investment decisions by designating via the DApp an Ethereum address for which such right is delegated to. Decisions to delegate any voting rights are entirely up to each member.

# Does delegating rights to vote on investment decisions impact a member's right to proceeds?


# Can a member cancel and/or re-delegate their voting rights?

A member can cancel and/or re-delegate its voting rights through the DApp at any time.

Last updated: 6/15/2020, 5:35:25 PM